An Introductory Guide To Academic Writing
Yazarlar: Aslı Akçalı Özkara,Bahar Arıcı,
Fulya Kama Özelkan,Şule Gökçe Enginarlar
Basım Yılı: 2022
Sayfa Sayısı: 109
Baskı Şekli: E-kitap
Ebat: 16x24
E-ISBN: 978-975-561-544-8
An Introductory Guide to Academic Writing is a coursebook designed for university students to familiarize them with basic academic writing skills. The book aims to present the students and all learners of English with concepts of formal writing, plagiarism, in-text citation, direct quoting, paraphrasing, unity and coherence in texts as well as interpretation of tables and figures and integrating them into a short text.
Another objective of An Introductory Guide to Academic Writing is to enrich students’ academic vocabulary through discussions, authentic videos, reading texts as well as written and oral presentations.